​Sage Media Group's flagship publication, National Resources Review is distributed directly to the offices of senior managers, executives and other key decision makers in the resources industry including government departments, industry associations, industry analysts, stockbrokers and investors. The publication also reaches all the major Australian mine sites.

The National Resources Review website was developed with the user in mind, filtering and caching information and making it accessible through a simple, functional, user friendly interface. With regularly updated news, events and projects, the website works as a great addition to the print magazine.






Build Australia is Sage Media Group's second title. The quarterly magazine celebrates the companies and the people that are shaping the nation. Each quarter, the Build Australia team assembles an information-rich editorial line-up presented in a quality magazine and also online. 

The Build Australia website operates in tandem with the magazine with a focus on industry news and announcements in real time. Build Australia’s digital 

edition is also available online, on demand. An extension of the printed version Build Australia on line provides global reach for advertisers plus various enhancements to add even more value.




Green Review cover.jpg

The oil and gas sector is the focus of this, the latest title in the Sage Media Group stable. Using our time-proven model that harnesses the respective benefits of print and digital channels Petroleum Australia reports on this vital sector at a time when energy security is under complex economic and political pressures.


Business intelligence is a major factor in identifying and unlocking opportunity and communication is the key. This comprehensive media suite combines a quarterly online magazine and E-Newsletter, enabling Petroleum Australia to bring a fresh approach to news and information from an Australian and regional perspective.





The green debate is the focus of this, the latest title in the Sage Media Group stable. Green Review is a platform that generates and facilitates free exchange of news and information from around the country and around the world, offering a local and global overview.

We both draw upon and add to the knowledge base publishing articles, case studies and informed comment from business, government and university sources.
We monitor the projects breaking ground and breaking barriers, with both oversight and insight into the emerging and innovative technologies that can be explored and adopted to put your business ahead of the curve.




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